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  • What We Do

    We genuinely love Jesus and our community by actively serving both.


    We Gather

    Sunday evenings, 6-8.

    We are a start-up church. While we do not yet possess some of the programs offered in a deeply established church, we do offer an atmosphere that leads to building healthy relationships. We deeply believe that church is about people and not the facility. Developing relationships that will help people enter and grow in their faith with Christ is our mission. We gather on Sunday evenings to worship and grow in our faith. We also connect throughout the week. We believe that church is so more than simply gathering once a week. We view church as a bunch of people who live life together. This means that we connect with each other throughout the week, encourage one another, cry with each other, enjoy life together, lend a hand when needed, and pursue Jesus together.


    We Serve

    Our goal is to actively serve our community. Our desire is to display the love of Jesus to all people. We aim to genuinely love those who are a part of our church family, as well as to those who have yet to respond to Christ. Serving demonstrates love in action.

  • How should I dress?

    Relevant is a relaxed atmosphere. You are invited to come as you are, whether it is in a suit or jeans. Most of our attendees dress very casual.

    Are You Handicap Accessible?

    At this time we are unable to provide handicap accessibility into our facility. Relevant has a small series of steps leading into the building. Our desire is to offer the ability for all people to enter our church and worship. As we continue to grow, our goal is to provide the necessary means for all handicap people to freely enter our church facility.

    Where Do I Park?

    We have a parking lot located behind the church building as well as alongside the entryway.

  • About Us

    Love God. Love People. Serve Both.

    Darren & Hannah Livie

    Church Starters

    Originally from Massachusetts, Darren has served as a pastor for over 19 years. His ambition is to build relationships that point people to Jesus. He is devoted to serving people, especially those living in his community. Hannah has faithfully served in volunteer ministry most of her adult life. She has been active in missions work, and even lived in Guatemala for a short period of time. She is heavily devoted to sharing her faith in Christ and serving people. In 2015, Darren and Hannah answered God's call to start a gathering for people who have yet to connect into a church.

  • New day and time!

    Relevant is no longer meeting on Thursday nights. We are now gathering on Sunday evenings at 6.

  • Backpacks for the Homeless

    There are numerous ways to serve and help people who live on the streets. One of those ways is to fill backpacks with useful items that will keep people warm, fed, and healthy. Relevant Church has started to take donations of items that can be given to people who are in need. Some of these items include backpacks, peanut butter, toothpaste, toothbrushes, band-aids, hand sanitizer, brushes, socks, gloves, journals, pens, water bottles (a complete list of items can be emailed to you).


    If you would like to be a part of this amazing way to serve, please contact us in the box at the bottom of this site. You do not need to be a member of Relevant to serve. We would love to have you come alongside us in this amazing way to serve!


    We will organize these items and then set dates for our teams to go out and offer hope and love to those in need.


    Drop us an email, or give us a call. We would love to have you on our team!


    Basketball Camp

    Calling all adult basketball coaches and players!! We are seeking people who would like to volunteer to teach kids the fundamentals of playing basketball. Relevant Church is organizing a week long basketball camp for kids in Lehigh Valley. This camp will be completely free. If this is something that you are interested in helping out, please contact us. You do not need to be a member of Relevant to serve in this camp. We would welcome your help in teaching basketball skills to Lehigh Valley's youth. You can scroll to the bottom of this site and send us an email or phone call.

  • Livewire

    Livewire is a night designed for teens, grades 6-12. Relevant lessons from the Bible, loud music, events, sugar...lots of sugar, snacks, and fun! We meet on Monday evenings from 7-9.

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    You + us = awesome.

    1080 Flexer Ave., Allentown, PA. 18103